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Santa Maria Box

Santa Maria Box

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We LOVE Santa Maria Style BBQ!  We were introduced to this style by some friends of ours in California.  Back in the day after the annual roundup cowboys would cook whole beefs over an open fire spit.  Those gatherings and that way of cooking transformed into Santa Maria Style BBQ that is the crown jewel of the central valley.  Basically in a nut shell, Santa Maria BBQ is tri tips rubbed in a their salty/savory rub, cooked medium rare over a open spit, thinly sliced, then served with smoked sausages, rice, pinquinto beans, salad, fresh salsa, and grilled bread.  And they have BIG OLE PARTY with it!  Southerners don't hate on it. No its not what we call BBQ here in NC because its a verb and not a noun, but its a heck of a gathering and one heck of a meal!



1 Tri Tip

4 Smoked Polish Sausages

Tidewater Grain White Rice

Pinquinto Beans

Santa Maria Steak Seasoning


Packages are shipped frozen in an insulated box with dry ice and/or cool packs. Please allow 1-2 business days for shipping, to ensure that meat is delivered frozen.

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